Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let's Play Catch up...

OK...I don't even know where to start. I know that I am like...2 or 8 months behind on blogging. Sorry about that, I Have been super busy moving my family from Hawaii back to California. I am just going to hit on some of the highlights in this post and maybe go more into detail in upcoming posts. Because some things just need a whole post to themselves!!!
Things that happened over the past 8 months...
-Taylor turned 3 and once she woke up she was completely over the terrible two's.(ok...that is a lie)
-We got orders to San Diego
- Our detailer got our orders wrong and we were actually going to be living in Orange County where we grew Up!!!!!
-We packed up our house in Hawaii and had to say goodbye to all of our Hawaii sad about that
-We spent our last week with family and friends at an amazing house with the name "Sundazzle" right on the beach in Hawaii. (this is one of those things that need their own post!)
-One of my Best Friends got Married
-After looking for houses nonstop and having a mini breakdown we took a mini vacay in Palm Springs
-We bought a house!!!
- Cuatro Turned two
-We had a Great vacation with Family in Jamaica over Christmas Break! (please see Taylor in the cornrow picture

Taylor turns Three
Cocktail Hour at Sundazzle
Our Last Day in Hawaii
Erin's Wedding
Palm Springs
Halloween with Buzz and Dorothy

Cuatro Turns Two
Taylor's First Dance Recital

So I Promise to be a better blogger now that my life has calmed down a little bit and we are almost all unpacked in our new home. And a big thanks to my friend Becca for my new blog header.

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